Presented by: The Australian Jazz Convention
27th - 31 December 2018 11am – 11pm (performance times)
The Ballarat Mining Exchange

Ballarat will come alive with the sounds and colours of Jazz, between Christmas and New Year, when as many as 1000 musicians and delegates will attend the 73rd Annual Convention.

Over the period of the Convention, Musicians, Delegates and lovers of Jazz can participate, listen or simply enjoy the many components of the convention, including the programmed performances, piano recitals, street parade and workshops.

The convention commenced in 1946 and is the longest continually run event of its kind in the world. Although primarily a Jazz Musician Convention, visitors and lovers of jazz are welcome and encouraged to come enjoy the vast presentation of Jazz music on offer.

An official program of events will be available from the AJC web:

Event Information

Date & Time

27th – 31 December 2018

11am – 11pm (performance times)



$40 per day

Single or multiple day passes can be purchased for $40 per day. A day pass entitles you to attend any performance, in the official venues on the nominated day pass date.

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