For more information please contact the Technical Department on 03 5364 2360 or techdept@hermaj.com


The foyers of Her Majesty’s are accessible to all at street level. There is access to the stalls for all those with ambulatory disabilities via the passenger lift.

There are 10 (ten) seating positions in the stalls for patrons in wheelchairs and include seats to cater for Carers and Companions. These are located in Stalls Row D seats 1-3 and 27-29; Row E seats 1-2 and 29-30; Row F seats 1 and 27; Row J seast 1 & 26; Row P seast 27-29 and Row T (all positions).  In addition there are Transfer Arms fitted to seats G 1 & 30 and N 1 & 30 allowing patrons using mobility aids to comfortably sit in a seat at the end of a row.

Please call the Box Office on 03 5333 5888 to discuss accessible seating requirements and availability.

Access to the Dress Circle, Long Room Bar and Balcony is via stairs only with no accessible seating positions available in the Dress Circle or Balcony.

The Dress Circle and parts of the Stalls are fitted with a Hearing Loop.  To take advantage of the Loop, please confirm available seats with the Box Office by calling 03 5333 5888.

Seating Charts

On this page you will find the new seating plan created with the installation of new custom-built seating in January 2016.

The rows in the Stalls (lowest level) have been realigned to a curved plan to improve sightlines.  All efforts have also been made to minimise the impact of pillars, although they cannot be removed and therefore will still restrict the view from some seats.

The former Standing Room areas to the rear of the Balcony (upper level or ‘Gods’) have now been fully seated to offer maximum comfort and keep the capacity as high as possible.

Full capacity is 890.
Stalls – 439
Dress Circle – 199
Balcony – 252

To download a copy of the seat plan CLICK HERE

If you have additional questions on seating in Her Majesty’s Ballarat including accessible seating, hearing augmentation etc., contact the Majestix Box Office on 03 5333 5888 between 9.15am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.