Groups (10+)


by Eric Chappell
Director: Peter Nethercote

1 December Gala Night 8pm
2 December Sunday Matinee 2pm
5, 6, 7 and 8 December 8pm
8 December Saturday Matinee 2pm

Vincent is a professional suicide merchant. Contracted by Walter Bryce, he arrives at his country house, and mistakenly assumes that the potion was intended for Walter’s consumption. It then becomes clear that Walter’s wife, Celia, is the client – or is she? Why are her suicide letters all typed and unsigned?

After several thwarted attempts to poison various characters ( resulting in multiple poisonings of a rubber plant ), will anyone actually manage to drink the poison?

This is black comedy at it’s blackest and best.


NATURAL CAUSES – A ‘Save Her Majesty’s Ballarat’ Fundraising Performance 
by Eric Chappell
Director: Peter Nethercote

Monday  3rd December 8pm

The board of the Ballarat National Theatre and Her Majesty’s Ballarat are delighted to announce an additional performance of ‘Natural Causes’ in aid of the Save Her Majesty’s Ballarat campaign. 

The proceeds from the performance will be donated entirely to the Save Her Majesty’s Ballarat campaign.

For more details about the ‘Save Her Majesty’s Ballarat’ campaign please click here

Want to be involved?

General auditions are held each year so get your name down or resume in if you’re interested in acting.

If you’re interested in back stage, set construction, front of house, lighting, directing or marketing we’d love to hear from you. Each production requires around 30 people behind the scenes so there are plenty of diverse activities to get involved in. Helping out on shows is a great way to meet people, flex your creative muscles, problem solve and be part of the community.

If you’re interested in getting involved but don’t know what to do don’t worry we’ll help you learn the tools of the trade.


Fundraising opportunities are available for each production. Book an entire night or a group of seats for a standard production night.

BNT would like to help your organisation fundraise so please contact us about options.

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