Leave a lasting impression

Dedicate a seat in Ballarat’s grand theatre.

Her Majesty’s Ballarat is the heart of the cultural life of Ballarat and has left a lasting impression on the people who have entered her doors. For the past 140 years, countless millions of patrons have met, talked, debated and enjoyed wonderful entertainment of all kinds at Her Majesty’s.

This is your chance to leave your own lasting impression on the theatre in return.

Starting at $750 your seat dedication will be inscribed on a brass plaque and placed on the back of one of our beautiful new seats for 25 years. A total commitment of $1000 ($750 tax deductible) gives you the chance to select the seat on which your plaque will be affixed; or if you are happy for us to select the seat for you your commitment is $750 ($500 tax deductible).

From assisting you in choosing the seat you wish to dedicate; ensuring the wording of your dedication is appropriate; to showing you the completed plaque installed in the theatre, our staff can guide you all the way.

All funds raised through this program will go directly towards enabling the ongoing conservation and maintenance of Ballarat’s grand theatre so it may continue to present the best entertainment and be enjoyed by future generations as much as you, our audiences of today.

Call the Theatre Manager Daniel Henderson on 03 5364 2358 to discuss your dedication.